C&D Technologies' flooded batteries are engineered to provide superior performance and reliability over the life of the product. These batteries are designed using proprietary techniques and quality components and materials for reduced maintenance and extended battery life.


C&D offers many VLA (Flooded) solutions optimized for use in Telecommunication applications that require reliability and long life. We have VLA Standby Power solutions ranging from 50AH to 4000AH for use all over the Telecom Network, even when NEBS certification is required.


C&D's UPS series of VLA (Flooded) battery solutions are optimized for use in UPS applications requiring high power, reliability, and long life. We have VLA Standby Power solutions ranging from 370 Watts per Cell to 7,523 Watts per cell that meet all your specific UPS system needs to assure that your critical business systems run "Uninterrupted".

Energy and Infrastructure

C&D offers many VLA (Flooded) battery solutions optimized for use in Utility and Switchgear & Control applications including Electric Generation (including 1E Nuclear Safety Related Batteries), Transmission & Distribution Facilities, Manufacturing Facilities, Pipelines, Petrochemical processing plants and others. We offer VLA Standby Power solutions ranging from 50AH to 4000AH that are ideal for both high rate/short duration and low rate/long duration step load discharges common in the Energy & Infrastructure market.

Engine Starting

Designed specifically for starting stationary engines, C&D Technologies Stationary Engine Starting batteries have established standards for long life and reliability. C&D positive grids are uniquely designed with more grid metal to give longer life than using conventional construction.

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