Battery Maintenance

Maintenance Contracts

The PowerHawk System provides comprehensive battery care through a combination of top quality Maintenance Contract Programs and a 3-Step Assessment Process that helps reduce operating costs and increases Return on Investment (ROI).

A key element in the PowerHawk System is our comprehensive maintenance agreement program. Offering distributor-provided battery care and maintenance, this program is simply the most effective way to limit life-time maintenance costs.

Under this agreement, you can count on high-quality service from professionals, trained and experienced in every aspect of battery management, including OSHA and environmental requirements.

Maintenance contracts can be customized to fit your operation's needs and budget, covering services for major areas such as inspection, watering, washing and neutralizing, cable replacement or repair, connector maintenance, charger rate adjustments, torque charger connections, and charger cleaning (interior). With a PowerHawk System maintenance contract, you can rely on the most convenient and highest-quality distributor service in the industry.

The Process

Each assessment follows the same series of steps. First, we conduct interviews, make observations and complete a series of forms. And second, we use assessment work-sheets to list our recommendations and quantify them in dollars and cents for you.

Training Assessment

The Training Assessment includes both an operator review and a supervisor review which, together, provide you with valuable information on the knowledge level of your company's lift truck operators and supervisors in the safe and cost-efficient methods of equipment handling.

Maintenance Assessment

The Maintenance Assessment includes an equipment inspection, a procedures assessment and an operating costs assessment. The equipment inspection is used to determine general battery/charger condition, brand preferences, battery handling accessories, and safety equipment condition, and to identify equipment needs.

Facility Assessment

The Facility Assessment consists of a simple, yes-no regulatory compliance checklist that identifies safety and environmental issues relating to OSHA, DOT and EPA regulations for the proper charging, handling, transportation, and disposal of lead acid batteries, and a safety and recycling checklist which focuses on your operation's safety equipment inventory, as well as your recycling of scrap batteries.

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We allways put customer needs first with the most comprehensive fleet services in the industry. Our fleet services go beyond the basics of delivery, cost control and data management.

We can help you reduce costs, improve utilization and increase profitability.

You will receive hands-on assistance in formulating a management strategy that's right for your company - all in an integrated effort to improve operations, lower your operating costs and improve your bottom line.

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