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Your Fleet needs attention.

A system is only as strong as its weakest link. The Mastersource® parts program is designed to be your single source for reliable replacement parts, no matter which forklift brand you operate. Maximize performance and reliability with Mastersource parts and superior service from your Mitsubishi forklift truck dealer.

MBFPR makes significant investments in professionally trained service technitians, state-of-the-art diagnostics tools, thoroughly stocked service vans and as excellent parts inventory to help keep your forklift on the job. In the long run, your Mitsubishi forklift truck dealer minimizes your risk and keeps your forklifts running at the lowest operating cost.

Why is Planned Maintenance is important?

The life of your forklift depends on correct service. Without it, the consequences could be severe. Take advantage of the expertise the MBFPR can provide. A simple, customized service plan for scheduling maintenance on your forklift has the ability to reduce your costs by diagnosing and issue before it becomes a costly problem.The unwelcome alternative: increased downtime, inefficient performance and expensive repairs. Ask us for details.

Is your Planned Maintenance complete?

Air Filtration System - Clogged air filters can result in low power, excessive fuel cost and inefficient operation. An improperly sealed system, including air filter seals, can result in dust bypassing the filter element and damaging the engine.

Cooling System - Coolant deteriorates over time, reducing the effectiveness of additives and changing the pH factor. Both can damage the water pump, radiator and aluminum components. Damaged fan blades may cause vibration, which can damage the bearings and radiator.

Transmission - Dirty or contaminated transmission oil could result in damage to clutch packs, seals and bearings. Broken or worn seals can result in oil leakage.

Lubrication System - Oil breaks down chemically and accumulates contaminants over time regarless of engine hours. Heat cycles also break down additives in engine oil and deteriorates lubricating capabilities, which can result in accelerated wear and shorter engine life.

Engine System - An engine not tuned to optimal performance can result in low, inefficient operation and excessive fuel cost. Failure to comply with EPA requirements where applicable can result in considerable fines.

Front End System - Improper mast sequencing may prohibit the mast and rollers from operating smoothly. If fork heel thickness is reduced to 90% of original thickness, the forklift should not return to service. Worn or cracked forks can fail without warning. Chain worn beyong 2% should be replaced.

Braking System - Contaminated brake fluid may cause steel components to rust, which in turn may cause leaks. Work brake components can compromise braking performance or cause brakes to fail.

Steering System - Wheel bearings, tie rods and other steer axle components wear over time. Excessive wear can result in a "loose" or "wandering" steering condition.

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